The Best Sex Positions For Amazing Sex

For ultimate enjoyment, you need to get your positions right. Your sexual positions, that is.

Some positions are better than others at bringing that enjoyment, but it also depends on what two adults would term as amazing sex. For lovers, sometimes it is the feeling of intimacy, for casual partners, it may be being able to climax and to feel the ultimate arousal and for women and men enjoyment may be different, for example women may enjoy a position that allows for more touching and kissing while men may just want to be able to see certain parts of the woman’s body. Taking all that into consideration, here are the best sex positions for amazing sex.

Missionary- For intimacy, this is the best position, it is much easier for the two of you to look into each other’s eyes, kiss and feel your heart beats. This is a chance for the man to take control and prove to his woman that he is the man and he can satisfy her. Missionary also allows for both adults to rich climax, especially if attention is paid to the woman’s G-sport.

Scissors- For adults who like to be playful and adventurous, this position will bring the most amazing sex you can have. Just like 2 scissors trying to cut each other, the man and woman position themselves with their legs like the blades of a scissor and the man enter the woman in that position and they can both grind against each other. This position works best after a lot of foreplay or if the two are aroused already, there is very little intimacy, it is just about enjoying the penetration and grinding. They can also get playful with each other’s feet, toes and legs. These regions also enjoy the intimate playful touch.

Doggy Style- You have seen the dogs do it, now it is time to take that and apply it to your adult sex positions. This position is good to help the woman climax and the man can enjoy the view of her bum. It is an exciting position which pleases both and allows for a lot of playful action like slapping her behind.

It is best to get creative about some of these positions, include a bit of fun as well as concentration on erogenous parts of each other’s body and the sex will be amazing.

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