Boots and Tarts

I love dating cheap London escorts in because they always dress for the task so to speak. Most of the high class or elite escorts are sexy but they are not super sexy when you compare them to cheap escorts in London. Most of the cheap escorts in London that I have met like to dress in a certain way and that is what really turns me on. Sure, high class escorts are nice but I am not sure that they are my cup of tea any more.

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All of the cheap London escorts that I date now dress like sexy goddesses. I really like it when a woman turns up for a date date in a short skirt and pair of thigh high boots. It turns me on like mad and I love the pleasure of seeing those boots walking down my hall and into my room. I have a real thing about women in boots wearing stockings and I am sure that I am not the only guy who is into that at all.

The other thing that I really like is gloves. I date this one cheap London escort who always wears a pair of silky lacy gloves. It looks super kinky and when she comes around we always play my favorite game. I think that we all have our little fetishes but the girls that I date at London escorts say that I have more fetishes than some of the other guys that they date. I am not sure that is true. One of the main reasons guys date escorts in London is because they love to act out fetishes.

What is wrong with acting out fetishes anyway? I have always let my fetishes run riot and I have not had problem at all. Most of the girls that I have met from cheap London escorts services seem to have been only to happy to pay. When I have dated top escorts in London, they have been a lot less happy to help to play and this is why I stick to cheap escorts in London these days. Sure there are some high class agencies that say they specialise in this sort of thing, but why you should I pay their high prices.

If you are looking for some serious fun in London, perhaps you should check out cheap London escorts instead. There are certainly advantages to dating cheap escorts when you compare them to elite escorts. You get the chance to spend at least twice as long with a hot London tart, and who can say that it is not worth doing. I think it is, and if I catch myself looking at an elite London escort service in the future, I am just going to have to take myself in hand. Let’s be honest, this is all about having some serious adult fun. If that is what you would like to do, you should arrange arrange a date with cheap tarts in London who wear boots.


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