Should I ask them to bring their own sex toys?

I am having a bit of pyjama party with my friends from Northolt escorts, and I am not sure how to set it up. Should I ask the girls to bring their own sex toys? My friends love playing with sex toys, but I am not sure it is a good idea if they use mine. I think it could be better if they brought their own, it would still let us all have some fun together and we could play.

Working for Northolt escorts is great, but sometimes you just need to let you hair down. Recently we have been working really hard and it is about time that we all had a break. We thought about going away for th weekend, but it would not have worked. All of the spas that we really like were all too busy, so we could not find enough rooms. It would have been nice with some beauty treatments, but you cannot have it all.

So, we are going to meet up around my place. The first thing we are going to do, is to go out for a few drinks. After that we will go back to my place, order pizza and put our jammies. This is the first time we are having a Northolt escorts pyjama party but it will be something totally different. The girls are all coming up with their own ideas and I know that they are going to be turning up to my place in a real party mood.

I have bought a lot of drink, and we are going to sit down and have a nice glass of champagne with our pizza. It is not exactly traditional but I am sure it will be fine. All of the girls from Northolt escorts like to drink champagne and get a little bit wild. What is going to happen after a few glasses of champagne? Well, I am not really sure about that at all, but I have this feeling that things will get pretty wild. The girls do like to have a good time.

Sleeping arrangements are ending up in a real mess, but knowing the girls, they are not going to mind at all. We will just have to have one of those weekends where anything goes. It will be so cool to finally party with all of the girls from Northolt escorts. Actually, we thought about inviting our agency boss, but I am not sure that he would have liked it. Taken on a bunch of horny escorts might after all be too much for him. But then again, he might really have liked it and it could have turned us on as much as much as us girls. Are you planning to party with your horny friends this weekend? If you are, it could be a good idea to remember to keep the noise down. Last time I had a party, the neighbours complained and called the police. Would you call the police on a swingers party? I certainly wouldn’t.


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