She stole my boyfriend!

What do you do when your best friend steals your boyfriend? I know that it is making me sound like I am a silly school girl, but I really want to revenge myself on my best friend. It is hard work to hold down a boyfriend when you work for London escorts, and I never thought my best friend would snatch mine. I knew that she liked him, but I had not expected to go out of her way to snatch him. It seems like there is no loyalty even between London escorts these days.

It all happened about two weeks ago, and since that day, I have not spoken t my friend. The other girls here at London escorts are telling me to revenge myself on her, but I am not sure what I can do. Should I tell my boyfriend that she has some horrible disease? I am glad that I found out about as I am not sure that I would have been able to handle the two of them sneaking about behind my back.

I have never been very much into revenge, but this incident has made me very angry, but I am not sure who I am the most angry with. Yes, I am angry with my girlfriend, but at the same time, I am really angry with my now ex boyfriend as well. I thought that we had a really great relationship but it seems not. Perhaps he is just after all one of these guys who is only fascinated with escorts in London. There are plenty of those out there, and since I have been worked for this elite London escorts service, I have met my fair share.

Should I cry over spilled milk? One of the girls at the escorts in London agency says that I need to have a good cry and be done with it. I am not sure that it would help. When I stop and think about my feelings, I do notice that I am more angry than anything else. The other day I had a good stomp in my high stilettos when one of my London escorts dates had just left. I felt so frustrated and powerless, and ended up sitting in a chair just seething like my mom used to do. Not a very becoming thing for a girl who works for a London escorts service.

You meet all sorts of people when you work for escorts in London. Some of them are very nice and then you meet some people who would like to take advantage of you as well. I think that my ex was one of those. He wanted to date a sexy girl who worked for a London escorts service and that was it. There are now so many escorts in London, that it has become a little bit of a sport for guys to date London escorts. It is not nice, but I am not going to give up on love. I am sure that there is a guy out there who would love for who I am instead of what I do for a living.


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