London escorts helped me stay calm and think logical even if things do not go according to plan

I have been nothing but kind to my child. But I feel he still hates me after I have done everything to him. He blames me for his mother leaving us. Which is not fair to me but I understand that he thinks this way because he is just a child. I do not want to cause more pain to my child anymore that is why I just let him hate me. I am not angry with my child if he feels this way to me. I want him to be alright and realize that her mother is good for good. I doubt that we will see her again. She left us for a man who is very rich. I have up on her because I could not possibly compete with the guy that she is cheating me with. I just accepted that our relationship was over, but I never expected that she would forget about her child that easily. I thought we had a loving and caring family, but I was wrong. It turns out that she was only there for the money. I tried everything to make my boy happy. But it looked like he was very traumatized by her mom leaving him. Like me, she also thought that her mom loved him very much. My boy was very close to her mom. It seemed that they were pleased every day in the past. My child would not even go to school, and her teachers are getting worried about him. When the school called about my son, I did not know what to say to them I did everything I found, but my son was still not very healthy mentally. I think that he does not want to live without his mother by his side always. My son’s name is Roderick, and he is only a thirteen-year-old boy. He is much too young to experience such a traumatic event. Even I could not imagine what I will do if my mom abandoned me when I was just a little boy. I asked my parents to help me talk to him. After my mom spoke with him she said that this boy would still not try to move on. I am getting very desperate because it has already been one month since his mom left us and he even does not want to go to school. If this goes on, I would be forced to stop his education, and I do not want to do that I was very stressed out and I do not know what else to do so I called a London escort. London escorts always helps me clear my mind. London escorts enabled me to stay calm and think logical even if things do not go according to plan.


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