Do London escorts stick together

Ever since I have been dating London escorts, I have been wondering if there is a lot more to London escorts than meets the eye. I know that many girls who have left London escorts services still meet up for lunch and talk about what went on. Do they talk about the gents they have dated? I am sure that they do and I keep wondering what they have to say about me. Am I really that different? Most London escorts that I have met started to escorts when they were rather young. They more or less get stuck in the profession and end up working as charlotte escorts in London until they are about 35 years old.

That being said, not all girls are cut out to be London escorts and they leave a lot earlier. What happens to them? I have never heard of any girl under the age of 25 claiming that she used to be an escort.One of the guys I know think that there is some sort of secret society of escorts in London. I am a Mason myself and I do know that there are plenty of societies that meet with the general public not knowing about it. It would not surprise me. After all, if a gent has not been very nice to an escort, it seems that almost every single girl at a London escorts know right away. I don’t think for one moment that they all text and email each other. We are after all talking about thousands of girls who work as escorts.

Where do all of the London escorts go when they are not escorting? I have dated a lot of girls in London, and although London is a big place, I would have expected to have at least seen one or two of them out by now. Sure, some of the girls are foreign and I guess that they may go back to their home countries one they finish escorting. But that does not account for all of the London girls who work as escorts. It all seems a little bit strange to me. I often bump into my fellow Brethren from my Lodge in London and there are not so many of us.

Why do I not ever see any of the London escorts that I have dated out and about? I often look at the jewelry London escorts wear. Is there a clue there? It is a bit like the Masons. We we often wear a black onyx ring. When you swivel the black onyx, the sign of the Masons appears. If you know anything about Masonry at all, you can’t mistake the symbol on them. Do London escorts have a similar sort of ring, and what would the secret symbol be? Perhaps a pair of long stocking legs? You never know. Well I am going to keep looking anyway and with a little bit of luck, I may just discover if there is such a thing as a secret society of London escorts. Maybe they work through the old fire Club if it still exists.


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