I had been working for escorts in London for two years when my boyfriend had an affair with another woman.

At first, i was really angry, and then I became disappointed. If it wasn’t for my job at escorts in London, we would not have had our nice house and many of the other things that we enjoyed in our life. Needless to say, I felt that I could not trust my boyfriend again, so I ended up asking him to leave. Fortunately for me the house was in my name, but I did get to keep it. I thought tough luck. After all, it was not me who had the affair. According to cheap London escorts.


My career here at London escorts has paid for a lot of other things as well. Most of the girls at escorts in London do pretty well, and thanks to my hard work, we were able to go on exotic holidays and stuff like that. One year, I even paid for a holiday to Hawaii. There is no way that my boyfriend would have been able to travel to Hawaii on his own, his salary is not good enough for that. We have also been on a luxury cruise, and enjoyed some fantastic weekend breaks all thanks to my hard graft at London escorts.


The only thing that my boyfriend got to keep from our relationship was his nice BMW car. My earnings from escorts in London had paid for his car as well, and I had bought it for him as a special birthday present. A couple of my friends at escorts in London say that he has now sold the car to pay the rental deposit, and the first couple of months rent, on his own apartment. That is up to him, and I suppose he needed somewhere to live at the end of the day. I would not have seen him end up on the streets, but he is that kind of guy who needs to learn how to be careful with money.


Emotionally, things have been bad as well. His friends know that I work for escorts in London, and they think that he is crazy to have had an affair. Like they say, he had everything. A sexy girlfriend who paid most of the bills, and a really good lifestyle. I know that it can be hard to hold down relationships when you work for London escorts, and I suppose I am just another one in the line of unhappy love stories here in London.


It was good while it lasted but I am not so sure that I am going to trust another man again. The next I am not going to be so generous, and as for sharing my escorts in London earnings with a guy… well, I am not sure that I will ever do that again. The entire thing has turned me into a rather hard woman. Opening my heart again is going to take some doing, and I am not sure that is going to happen any time soon. It would have to be a very special person who gets the keys.


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