I never saw myself as a career mistress when I worked for London Escorts

But since I left the escort agency I used to work for in London, I really enjoy being what I call a career mistress. Many gents do want to have a mistress, but they may not feel the need to have a mistress all of the time. Over the years, I have been a mistress to rather a few gents. Some of them I met at Cheap London escorts, and others I met when just in general pursuing my life.

What is so great about being a mistress? I am certainly not wife material, and like I say to my gents, I would make a terrible wife. The thought of looking after somebody all of the time, and doing their laundry and stuff, makes me turn my little nose up. No thank you, being a wife is not for me at all. The way I look at it, is that I get the best of the gents I am a mistress to. There is some truth in the fact that men treat their mistresses better than their wives.

Foreign holidays are not really part of the package when you are a mistress. But you do often get treated to business trips, and while your man is out there doing business, you can go off to enjoy yourself. The gents I am the mistress to are all very nice, and they may give me a lot of money in cash to go shopping with. Yes, it used to happy to me when I worked for London escorts as well, but this is on a different scale. In fact, when they are working, I often make the most of my time, and enjoy my own little mini holiday when I get a chance. Business trips have sort of become my holidays, and I get treated to the best all of the time.

Do I let the gents who I am mistress to rule my life? To be honest, I don’t let them rule my life at all. And yes, you heard right, I am mistress to several gents. Nothing is very formal about it, but I live in my own place I bought from my London escorts savings, and I see the gents when they need to see. You may say that at times, being a mistress is not that different from working for London escorts. The main difference is I don’t leave the comfort of my own home.

Making an income can be hard for a mistress, so I make sure that all of my living expenses are paid for by the gents. It is no good being a mistress, and be flat broke. I am very honest with my gents, and I tell them what I expect out of them to enjoy the pleasure of my company. All of my running bills are paid for, and the best gents also pay for my clothes. Prepaid debit cards are great, and I find that the majority of gents are happy to give me a prepaid card. Must of the time we agree an amount per month, and I make it clear to my gents, that dining out and other activities they have to pay for. Some things are not that different from London escorts, and I think when you are young, it could be better to work for a London escort service, than to be a mistress.


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