The more butterflies in one’s stomach – Cheap London escorts

Nothing creates more butterflies in one’s stomach like wishing to have sex, especially for someone who has never experienced it. That’s exactly what happened to Mary, a second year nursing student at one of the local colleges in London. Her eagerness to have sex was heightened when some of her friends continuously and openly discussed the pleasures they enjoyed while having intercourse with their boyfriends. To Mary’s dismay she had never had a boyfriend to help her experience that sexual pleasure.


One day Mary decided that she was tired of waiting to have a boyfriend to experience sex with. While browsing through the web on day she came upon the site for Cheap London escorts from, an escort agency in her neighborhood. She was looking for the guy of her dreams, someone who would make her feel exactly as her friends had described. So she hired a very muscular, handsome and sexy male escort to fulfill her desires.


Two days later, Brandon met up with Mary at the hotel room she had booked for the occasion. Mary felt that Brandon seemed to be a mature and caring man as they engaged in small talk before getting down to business. After chatting for a few minutes Brandon made his first move. He kissed her cheek, and then moved down to her neck as he began unbuttoning her shirt.


Mary seemed to want more and more kisses, she had longed for it but to no avail. Throughout this time, Brandon had gradually managed to undress her. His index finger though was still scouring between her thighs. Her pussy was already wet and ready. Brandon dropped down to the floor and went in for a taste of Mary’s virgin honeypot. She could barely contain herself as his talented mouth massaged her pussy and took in all her juices.


Brandon made Mary lie on her back, raising her legs and placing them on his shoulders. Brandon could hardly wait to get inside Mary’s tight, sweet virgin pussy. He went in, though gently at first. He slid his hard cock into her wet pussy slowly, understanding that some pain might accompany Mary’s pleasure until he broke her hymen. Mary seemed to be in a little pain, but then grabbed him and pulled him deep into her. Now Brandon knew it was time to go in full-force. Mary seemed to truly enjoy Brandon’s thrusts, though with a little pain.


After a few minutes, nothing could stop her from asking for more from Brandon. Not even blood stained sheets could discourage her. She wanted it badly. At the end of it all, she couldn’t understand how foolish she had been missing such opportunities for so long. She even vowed to hire Brandon again to fulfill her sexual desires.


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