The amazing woman of London escort

It was my friend who introduced me with this amazing woman of London escort for they were batch mates when they were in high school.  When I saw her it feels like I saw her long before but I can’t remember anymore. So when I got to know her by talking to her while we are celebrating the birthday of our friend I find her interesting. when the party ended I offer her a ride to her home for we happened to have the same direction to go on with in my place so we drive her home before I went straight back to me place for I am living in a condo for my parents migrated in the province for they were both retired.

While driving her home I saw her tires and about to sleep while looking on the street so I turn on the audio for her to become relaxed and she will fall asleep for it takes an hour for us to arrive in our places. So when I saw her sleeping I do think of the possibility of pursuing her.

When we are almost in her house I then woke her up and ask her if she could do some services for tonight with me. She then refused for I need to call on their office for an appointment she is on leave for the time. She then asks me if I can move it tomorrow morning. I then told her what if you come with me in my place and we will wait in there until morning so that you can start the service with me. When she said okay I automatically drive the car going straight into my place. I gave her clothes for her to change and after I gave her coffee. We were on the coach looking on lightings of the neighborhood buildings while we were talking on something she then falls asleep and I decide to sleep to.

I woke up with so much pleasure running unto my body. I saw my body naked already when I open my eyes and she is in naked too. She just whispery telling me that the service starts now. But wait I need to call your office she then told me no for it is her personal service with me. It was the best wakeup call I received all my life.

Starting that morning she always doing that every day of my life. Though we are not committed with each other for my London escort woman don’t want that as her being an escorts but I treat her like my girlfriend. I never gone into dating only with her. I am just waiting for the time that she will tell me that she is ready to be committed on me and I was not a failure for she is the one proposing a married on me that makes me so much proud of that her love is unconditional and pure.


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