Can you actually say whatever you want in this country

I think that it is important to be able to speak your mind, but at the same time, you should not hurt somebody else’s feelings. The problem is that sometimes you cannot help, and someone’s feelings may get hurt. I was trying to have frank discussion about sexuality the other day with a guy in bar, and he got all uptight. He said we should not really talk about that. I keep on wondering what he would have said I had told him that I work for West Midland escorts.

We do have some sort of freedom of expression here in the UK, but we don’t seem to be able to agree to disagree sometimes. When you listen to the government, it seems like they are able to agree to disagree, so why do we find it so hard to do it privately. Ever since I joined West Midland escorts of, I have always expressed exactly how I have felt about things when stuff has happened at the agency. Some of the girls have got really annoyed about it, but others have been okay that I have expressed my opinion.

Why do we find it so hard to accept each other’s differences? I really don’t know why that we find it so hard to accept each other differences. When you look at another person, you can quickly tell that he or she looks different from you. If that is true, it is obvious that we are going to have a difference of opinion on some matters. To me, that is fine, and I like it when the other girls at West Midland escorts tell me what they think about something. Life would be so boring otherwise.

So, what about different sexualities? Should we be worried about talking about our sexuality, and is that just a difference of opinion as well? Sometimes I think it is, and we are pretty fluid sexual creatures. Personally, I am bisexual and that is fine with me but upsets other people. I know that I am not the only bisexual girl at West Midland escorts and I have never made a big deal out of it. Does that mean that a straight person should be allowed to ram their sexuality down my throat? No, I don’t think so.

I feel sorry for many kinds growing up today. Could it be that we spend too much time talking about these things? Some programs on the TV seem to have been created just to discuss people’s sexuality. Sure, I am glad that it works for them, but I think that we are making too big of a deal of it. I think that we would be much better of just getting on with life and enjoying life for what it is. Probably some of the girls here at West Midland escorts do not agree with me on that, but I really don’t think it is such a big deal.



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