Personally, I have a thing about hand cuffs, and I just love using them.

Before I got married I used to work as part of a team of London escorts and many of my regular dates asked that we played with hand cuffs.


For many of them it was the first time they had played with hand cuffs, and just like many other London escorts, I used to run through a little “health and safety” lecture before we started playing.


All London escorts of come across dates who have handcuffs on their “sex bucket list” but many dates are not really sure what is involved. I always used to put the handcuffs on my clients very gently first of all, making sure they were comfortable.


Many London escorts may go direct into play, and hand cuff their dates to the headboard on their beds. It is not always easy knowing how to approach a new role play, but if you are wearing hand cuffs you are effectively surrendering to the other party. Dreaming of wearing hand cuffs is one thing, but actually doing it can be a very unique experience.


When you are playing with hand cuffs with your date, it is very important to have what I call a “kill switch word”. That means that you have agreed on a word which stops play before you have start.


All of a sudden someone may feel totally out of control, and not be enjoying the experience any more. I have had dates who all of a sudden have lost their erections during hand cuff play. This is a physiological reaction to stress, and can be very upsetting for a date. It is also very uncomfortable for London escorts as we start to wonder what the heck we are doing wrong. On many occasions we can feel just as exposed and vulnerable as our dates.


London escorts need to realize that many dates have families which they go home to. Dates might be asking for metal hand cuffs but it is important to point out that during moments of passion, metal hand cuffs might mark the skin.


I would recommend to all London escorts that they ask if their dates have used hand cuffs before, and if they are aware that metal hand cuffs can cause a reddening around the wrists. The best way to introduce “hand cuff virgins” to this type of role play, is by choosing a pair of fluffy or cuffs made out of fabric. They are less likely to mark, and may not be such a far out experience for a first time user.


It is worthwhile to point out that leather and PVC hand cuffs can mark and burn the skin as well. Rub some baby oil on the inside of the cuffs, and they are less likely to damage the skin. There is a top tip for all of you London escorts out there!


Playing with hand cuffs is only one of the versions of role play on many dates’ bucket lists. I know a lot of London escorts who really enjoy the sense of empowerment this kind of role play gives them, but it is the responsibility of all London escorts to make sure that they play with toys and equipment in a safe way. London escorts should also remind their dates that some toys might mark them. This is especially important when dates have other partners who they enjoy an intimate relationship with.



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