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Are you getting fed up with celebs? I think that I am getting fed up with celebrities. Reading about them, it does make you wonder what they have done to deserve their money. Some people seem to achieve celeb status even though they have just made one TV appearance. Why are we so much in love with celebs? Most of them don’t do anything for us, but they do expect a lot from us. It is a little bit like “look at me.”

I have dated a few celebs at London escorts. Some of them would like a glamorous girl to attend premier with them and stuff like that. That is nice, but you have to be careful at the same time. One celeb that I used to see a lot of here at London escorts from told the press that I was his girlfriend. I ended up being hounded by the media for weeks, and it wasn’t perfect. After that, I dropped the guy. He pestered me for dates for a while, but I told him that I was not interested at all. I don’t think that he could believe that I was not interested in him.

Some of the younger girls here at London escorts are in love with celebs and would love to date them. The older you get, the more likely you are to come to your senses and realize that a celeb life may not be that glamorous after all. I am sure that most celebs live relatively unfilled lives and only live for making more money. They are a little bit like vampires that only come out late at night or go to sponsorship deal galas. Would you honestly want to live your life by sponsorship? I don’t want to live like that.

If you do work for London escorts and end up dating a celeb, you should be a little bit careful. The first thing you need to understand is that they don’t care about you at all. When I was going out with my celeb, he made me feel a bit like a servant. He used to say things like, “can you do this for me.” It sounded like I was inferior to him. He upset me by calling me his girlfriend, but I think that I would have dropped him anyway as he was getting on my nerves. I felt like I was a lower class than him.

I admire people who have achieved celebrity status because they have done something positive. However, most of these people only appear when they are raising money for their cause. They are genuine people, and I like that. A couple of the gents that I date at London escorts have raised money for good reasons, and I think that they should celebrate for doing so. But no, I would not be interested in dating celebs who are just in love with themselves. That is not my cup of at all.


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